I love, love, love getting adoption updates! Stark (now named Derby) was adopted by two of my friends only 14 days after he arrived in my home. He was one sweet older kitten from the moment he walked into my home so I knew he wasn’t going to last long before he got snatched up.

Here’s what my friend Selena has to say about her sweet boy:

When we adopted Derby, we were kind of nervous as this was our first male cat. All of our cats had been female up until now. It’s been almost two years since we took him home, and we couldn’t be happier with our “little” boy. Derby has got to be one of the most animated cats we have ever owned! He definitely fits his name. He’s such a goofy, good natured, and friendly boy! He just LOVES everyone! Especially our nephew, who plays with him every time he visits. He is very active and enjoys chasing and being chased by the other cats. We call him our dog-cat because he’s so receptive to touch, attention, and playing. He always has his tail perched in the air, looking for love and head bumps. He even fetches and rolls over on his back when he wants his belly scratched. I remember how small he was at first with massive paws. Now he’s a whopping 15lbs of crazy energy! Derby certainly loves to test our patience, and looks you square in the eye when he’s misbehaving… but it’s hard to be mad at that handsome face!

We are especially happy about how caring and protective he is of his baby sister Stevie, who has been blind since birth. The two of them are pretty much connected at the hip. They love to chase and play with each other all day. If she loses him while playing, he calls out to her, and always runs to her side if he thinks she’s in trouble. I am so happy that they have each other. We love our sweet Derp Derp!

Derby helping out his little sister Stevie