BobbiName: Bobbi
Full Name: Bobbi
Nicknames: Bob, Bobs, Ms. Bobzilla
Birthday: Unknown. Around October 15th, 2012
Anniversary: March 15th, 2013
Breed: Domestic Short Hair. Possibly a Russian Blue
Colour Markings: Blue
Rank: Perma-Foster
Personality: Semi-feral. Timid
Fun Facts: Bobbi loves pudding!

Although Bobbi is still considered a foster cat of mine, she has been with me long enough that I consider her mine and love her the same as I love Vega, Magnets & Thai. She’s still quite semi-feral and not the kind of cat that likes to be cuddled, let alone touched. The times that she allows to let me into her world, either by taking food from my hand, letting me give her a good chin scratch or allowing me to brush her thick & luxurious fur, means more to me than most of the interactions I have with the rest of my resident cats. She’s happy, healthy and gets to live side by side with her best friend Thai.