Foster Kittens

Picasso Kitten Tales Halifax Cat Rescue Society


After 412 days in foster care, my sweet boy Picasso was adopted. He arrived at his new forever home on Friday, August 26th. He was scared and terrified and didn’t know what was happening to him. He went from being around me and his foster dad, David and his 10 brothers and sisters – Vega, […] Read more…

Rossi Kitten Tales Halifax Cat Rescue Society

My sweet girl Rossi

Rossi and Hotch arrived at my home over a year ago as two very scared and rather feral kittens. From the beginning, Rossi was always the one who was slightly feistier and wanted little to do with me even though I tried hard to get her to accept any affection or even allowing me to […] Read more…

Kitten Tales Halifax Cat Rescue


 Oh my heavens! Mia gives Rossi the most adorable massage! INCOMING CUTENESS! This is almost too much adorableness to handle. You may want to sit down before hitting play. Posted by Kitten Tales on Saturday, November 21, 2015 Read more…

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