We still have no news on Picasso and as each day passes, our heart breaks a little more. We’re doing all that we can to find him but because he’s a timid and skittish cat to begin with, even if we spot him, we have to get him in a trap because if we approach him, he’ll just run. We have multiple traps set up, cameras and food stations all around the area  in hopes of containing him to one area so he doesn’t have to search for food. We hope and pray that one day we will be able to have him back indoors where he, and all domesticated cats belong.

But even with Picasso’s disappearance, we still have fostering to do. Having new kittens in the house has helped lift our spirits and keep our minds off of our lost boy. This weekend two new kittens arrived at our house – Cordova and Merritt.

Cordova Kitten Tales Halifax Cat Rescue Society Nova Scotia

They. Are. Adorable.

They are sweet and loving kittens who have a lot of energy but also love to take long naps with one another. They are chatty and like to talk to us humans and Cordie has decided that she wants to be top Queen of the house and is trying to dominate the older resident cats…but so far it’s not working out so well for her! Merritt is in love with Thai and we think the feeling is pretty mutual.

Thai Merritt Kitten Tales Halifax Cat Rescue Society Nova Scotia
Thai & his tiny clone

These guys definitely won’t last long in my care!