Picasso Halifax Cat Rescue Society Kitten Tales
On August 30th my heart broke into pieces. My beloved Picasso who had just been adopted a few days prior, had escaped from his new home. We had little to no clues on where he was and because he was such a timid cat to begin with, we knew he wouldn’t seek humans out for help. He was lost…and lost in an area that bordered a large forest, lake and highways.

With help of some friends and my fellow volunteers at Halifax Cat Rescue Society, we spent the first few weeks heavily postering the area, searched high and low and talked to any neighbours that would listen in hopes that someone had seen him. No one did. The phone calls and possible sightings died down and we heard nothing for weeks. Winter is around the corner here in Nova Scotia and the last thing we wanted Picasso to have to deal with was the cold and snow that he is not accustomed to.

On Wednesday I skipped my volleyball game just to go back to the area where he was lost. I needed him to hear my voice. I needed him to know that we still loved him and that we wanted him home. We missed our boy.

Just over 24 hours later, a kind person posted a picture on my lost cat post that I posted in my areas lost and found cat page. The picture was blurry and taken from far away but as soon as I saw it, I knew it was Picasso. I know his face, I know his markings. I’ve stared at them for the last two months as his picture was the desktop picture on all of my computers. The person said that they saw him behind a hotel just down the street from where he had escaped.

Picasso Halifax Cat Rescue Society Kitten Tales

Even though the picture is blurry and not terribly clear, I knew in an instant that it was my boy.Pamela, who helps run HCRS took my word that it was Picasso and set up a snap trap in the area that he was seen. A few hours later she called me and said “I have a cat in my trap.” She quickly drove over to my office where I ran out to meet her to verify she had Picasso. My boy was looking back at me. He was in rough shape, dirty and has lost a lot of weight but it didn’t matter, my boy was safe.

It feels like my heart has been put back together. Tim, Picasso’s adoptive Dad told me that Picasso was home and he belongs here with me, my family and my clowder of cats.

Welcome home Picasso. We missed you so, so much!

Picasso Halifax Cat Rescue Society Kitten Tales
Picasso back home where he belongs with his human Dad.