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The kittens know when I’m prepping meat in the kitchen. They sit, wait and hope that I might drop something on the ground for them to munch on.

Ever since becoming a cat momma, I’ve always wanted to be able to feed my cats a raw food diet. Any research I’ve done on the subject overwhelming shows how beneficial such a diet is to cats to not only their health but their general well being. Most bagged and canned cat food includes ingredients and additives that just aren’t necessary for a cat’s diet.

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Cats are obligate carnivores and only require a few things in their diet:

  • Protein from meat or fish
  • Amino acids like taurine and arginine
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
  • Fatty acids
  • Water

What they don’t need is wheat, unnecessary vegetables and other fillers.

Unfortunately though, feeding my cats a raw food diet is really inconvenient for me. Like REALLY INCONVENIENT. Most of the meat markets that would be the most cost effective for me are in Dartmouth (the Darkside…scary..) and I don’t own a car. Getting to these markets would take a couple of hours at the minimum to get to and from by bus and I already have a solid booked scheduled most of the time. Plus, I live in an apartment where I don’t have a tonne of storage space to keep a meat grinder and additional supplies such as minerals and vitamins that are needed to turn meat into a nutritionally balanced meals for my little fur balls. And lastly….money. Having to buy a grinder, bulk fresh meat and the added minerals and vitamins can get costly…and I’m not feeding one or two cats on any given day, I’m feeding upwards of 8-12 cats and kittens each and every day. It’s just not feasible at this point in my life.

My own cats and foster cats LOVE raw meat and although I can’t offer a completely raw food diet for them all the time, I do give it to them when I can.

Thai Kitten Tales Halifax Nutrience SubZero
Thai enjoys his birthday salmon!

Kitten Tales Halifax Nutrience SubZero

Luckily for us, Nutrience has recently come out with Nutrience® Subzero, a brand new line of high quality food for cats and dogs! It’s like nothing else that is currently on the market. Nutrience® Subzero is a combination of grain-free kibble and freeze-dried protein that delivers the nutritional benefits of a raw diet in a convenient and easy to use format. I’ll be able to feed my cats the raw diet that I know is best for them without the hassle and cost that a raw diet would incur! Hoorah!

Kitten Tales Halifax Nutrience Subzero

And much like myself and my cats, Nutrience Subzero is made in Canada! It is produced in small batches for superior quality control and it only contains wild-caught fish, meat and poultry that are sourced in Canada and delivered fresh to Nutrience’s production facility. It comes in three regionally inspired varieties that any pet would enjoy – Canadian Pacific which includes fresh wild-caught Pacific salmon, herring, hake, sole, code & Arrowtooth flounder; Fraser Valley is made with fresh deboned chicken, turkey, wild-caught Pacific salmon, herring & cod; and Prairie Red which is made with fresh beef, wild boar, bison, wild-caught Pacific salmon, herring & cod. Even the finicky of pets will find a variety that they will enjoy!

Nutrience uses their own freeze dried technology called Nutriboost™ Freeze Dry Raw Inclusion where they take fresh meat and fish protein, infuse it with a unique blend of nutritionally beneficial ingredients and freeze dry it to remove all frozen water and lock in the natural goodness and benefits of raw foods! The four ingredients that make up the Nutriboost™ are green-lipped mussles, a natural anti-inflammatory to support joint health; Pacific cod liver, a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids for a healthy skin & coat; pumpkin, a good source of dietary fibre to support digestion; and Acadian kelp, a variety of seaweed loaded with natural antioxidants to support a healthy immune system. These ingredients keep your pet healthy from the inside out!

Wanna try Nutrience Subzero for ZERO? Here is your chance!

Visit your local PetSmart® on Saturday, November 28th for a National demo and bring in an empty bag of a one of the competitor’s products on the list below and you’ll get a free bag of Nutrience SubZero in exchange! Talk about a win-win situation! Can’t make the event? Don’t sweat it, you can also purchase it online at Petsmart.ca or drop in and purchase it in store.

Kitten Tales Halifax SubZero for Zero
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  • VCreepers

    I know I wish I could give my furbabies raw food… right now they have to settle for freeze dried chicken treats!
    Any idea on the cost of this Nutrience product compared to other foods on the market?

    • It’s more than your run of the mill cat kibble but around the same cost as other higher end wheat-free brands!

      And I’ve never tried the freeze dried chicken treats! I should find some for my herd!

  • Rebecca Knight

    In a society where we are constantly on the go and we are more conscientious of food additives this sounds like the perfect solution for our lovable fur babies! Thanks for the wonderful information!

    • I couldn’t have said it more perfectly if I tried! We often focus so much on what we put into our own bodies but fail to do the same for the furry members of our families!

  • Noelle Black

    WOW Jennifer you have really done your research and saved me a great deal of time. I will be picking up some Subzero for my 3 cats tonight!!!

  • Cindy Trevors

    this looks like the perfect alternative to raw food, I hope I can find it in my local grocery store so I can give it a try.

    • Most likely a grocery store won’t have it as they only sell lower end/lower quality foods. Check out Petsmart!