ThaiName: Thai
Full Name: Thai
Nicknames: Thaibert, Little Man, Booger
Birthday: Unknown, but I celebrate it as February 23, 2012
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Colour Markings: Tabby with white
Rank: Mr. Mom
Personality: Very friendly, VERY SHY – especially towards humans. Very friendly with other cats. No aggression whatsoever
Fun Facts: Best cat in the world! Sssshhhh…don’t tell my other cats.

Thai is the only cat of mine to have been both a foster and a resident cat. I took him in last August with his sister Sushie and Morley, another kitten around the same age. I wasn’t even suppose to be their foster mom but rather was just kittensitting them while their original foster parents were out of town. They ended up doing so well at my place, that HCRS asked if I could just continue to foster them instead of having to move them around once again. Although perspective adopters did come to meet him, he is so petrified of all other people besides myself, he would hide and not allow them to hold him while they were here. Adopting a shy cat is not an easy task. Once January rolled around, I had created such a bond with him that I knew I would be unable to let him go so on the first day of 2013, I officially adopted him. Not only is he a great pet, but he’s an great foster Dad to all of the kittens that come into my home.