After 412 days in foster care, my sweet boy Picasso was adopted. He arrived at his new forever home on Friday, August 26th. He was scared and terrified and didn’t know what was happening to him. He went from being around me and his foster dad, David and his 10 brothers and sisters – Vega, Magnets, Thai, Bobbi, Rossi, Hotch, Miata, Moen, Calloway and Mulligan. He had his entire world ripped away from him and he didn’t know how to handle it so he took matters into his own paws and managed to bend a window screen frame so that he could slip out in the middle of the night. When his new Dad woke up on the Tuesday morning, Picasso was gone.

We are devastated. Our hearts are broken into a million pieces and they cannot be put back together without Picasso. We just want him home, indoors and safe. I’ve gone out looking for him every day since he went missing but he has yet to be spotted.

Where he escaped is not far from my home, only about 4km and nearly a straight line. We hoped he was staying put near his adopted home as food was being left outside daily for him but for the last few days, no food has been eaten so at this point we have to assume he is on the move. The distance between my home and his adopted home, isn’t far, only 4km and nearly a straight line. Even though Picasso never went outdoors while living with me, cats have an insane internal navigation system and we’re hoping his can help lead him home.

 Area of Missing Cat – Picasso

The purple pointer at the top is where Picasso went missing and the one below is where his foster home. If you live anywhere in the area, please be on the lookout for our sweet and goofy boy as he is very much missed.

If he is spotted, do not approach him, instead please call me immediately as he is rather shy and skittish and will likely run.

I can be reached day or night – 902.237.0379

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