VegaName: Vega
Full Name: Vega Baby-Cakes Bond
Nicknames: Vegs, Vegsy, Tiny Momma, Momma, Fluffy Butt, Fluff, Princess Buttercup
Birthday: Unknown, but I celebrate it as February 4th, 2010
Breed: Domestic Long Hair
Colour Markings: Calico/Tortoiseshell with white or Tortico
Rank: Alpha Cat
Personality: Sassy but friendly to people, hates other cat
Fun Facts: Loves having her  fur brushed

Vega was rescued by a good friend of mine on a bitterly cold January night back in 2011. She had been noticing a sickly, underweight cat roaming around her apartment building and one night during a cold snap, she opened her door and invited the cat in. She walked right in like she owned the place. That’s my Vega! I offered to take her as my friend had a number of cats of her own, and I had none. When I got her she was underweight, her fur was mangy and greasy and she looks nothing like the beautiful cat that is pictured here today. A few weeks after I got her, I noticed something else….she was pregnant! A little over 5 weeks later, she had two kittens – Magnets and James.

She’s now taking on her roll as the Alpha cat of the house. If she wants morning cuddles even if another cat is currently in the cuddle zone on my bed, they will move and make way for her. She gets what she wants and walks around like she’s the Queen of England – only with less inbreeding 😉

She has the tiniest meow yet howls like a banshee when she’s rumbling with another cat – usually Magnets.